Does your home need a deep cleaning?

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A woman with various spring cleaning and redecorating items including a paint brushes, garden tools, cleaning chemicals and items. Spring time choresDoes your home need a deep cleaning? Spring is a great time to give your property a thorough cleaning. Here are some great places to start:

  1. Your front door. After the long winter, your front door is probably dirty and your welcome mat could use a thorough cleaning or replacement. Cleaning the area around your front door — maybe even adding a springtime wreath — is a great way to usher in spring!
  2. Any carpeted areas. Winter can do a real number on carpet. Now’s a great time to get out your carpet cleaner or call a carpet cleaning company.
  3. Walls and baseboards. It’s easy to overlook walls and baseboards, but show them some cleaning love to make each room shine bright. A magic eraser can help with scuff marks.
  4. Light fixtures. Light fixtures and fan blades collect dust. Spring is a great time to dust them.
  5. Behind furniture and appliances. Looked behind your refrigerator lately? Take some time to clean these forgotten areas.
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